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Retail Category Analyst

in Oil & Gas


Calgary, AB

Job Description

Contractor will support the specific Category Manager in the development of the Client's end-to-end programs to deliver for the categories listed below (where applicable and subject to change)

  • Tobacco
  • The Client's Shop Program
  • Other categories as required - Example: Food Service

Responsibilities Include:

A. Planograms
1.1  Support for and creation of planograms based on relevant historical site sales data for evaluation of customer behaviour, best-selling products and average daily sales by site to support the contractor’s efforts to develop planograms for Sandwich Coolers, Bulk Pastry Displayers, Acrylic Packaged Pastry Displayer, Roller Grills, and other food service areas of the site.  As directed by the Category Manager.
1.2  Contractor will support the development and communication of planograms for the Client’s network and present back to Contract Holder for approval.  The format for these planograms will be agreed to by the Client’s appointed representative and will include the number of type of SKUs required if an immediate product listing does not exist.
1.3  Planograms may be further adapted regionally or to an individual site level as directed by the Client’s appointed contract representative.
1.4  Completed planograms will be submitted to the Category Manager prior to communication and implementation by the sites. The Contract Holder will advise contractor on procedures to do so.
1.5  Contractor as directed will monitor sales performance and make necessary documented changes to planograms of SKUs to list/delist. Contractor as directed by Category Manager will agree on the frequency that planogram maintenance will occur starting with Monthly maintenance. Any changes must be approved by the Category Manager.
1.6  Contractor to support the filing the necessary paperwork and communications required to implement and change planograms as directed by the Contract Holder.

B. Sourcing Products
1.1  Support for identifying product SKUs sourcing and planogram creation as approved by the Client’s specific Category Manager.
1.2  SKUs that are to be sourced as directed by Category Manager will include specific targets per SKU and will include:  weekly unit sales per site, target retail price targets, margin requirements, shelf life, % target, volume rebates, product guarantees, packaging, and allowable case pack sizes with consideration for on-site refrigerated/frozen storage available.
1.3  Contractor will present recommendations and receive approval from the Client prior to sourcing if directed to do so.
1.4  Contractor’s support to Category Manager in the tendering (where applicable) and negotiation process securing goods from manufacturers must be in accordance with the express instructions and guidance of the Client.
1.5  Support for products that are to be sourced to sites that require preparation (i.e. slack and serve, prepare and/or cook at site), will include an operations manual that will encompass all elements to successfully sell the products at site. This manual will include (but not limited to) such items as: time of day merchandising recommendations based on forecasted sales, inventory preparation and slack out guidelines, date management including a method to track and report waste, sampling, and food safety requirements, and related products (i.e. condiments, napkins, etc.) that the sites need to order.
1.6  Contractor will support the Category Manager in ensuring that all manufacturers meet all appropriate national and local regulatory requirements for food safety. Digital copies of all relevant food safety certifications must be obtained and provided to the Client’s contract holder.

2. Category Management Support
2.1  Support for the successful implementation and support of new products/program inclusive of all necessary documentation and training materials for sites to facilitate sales and profitable growth.
a.  Contractor will as directed provide support for maintaining operational manuals in accordance with food safety legislation and local government guidelines at sites where an enhanced food service product/program offer exists requiring on-site preparation (i.e. hot dogs)
b. Support to the specific Category Manager for developing programs and manuals for sites to ensure all relevant records for foodservice are accurately kept. E.g. cleaning logs, temperature records, waste records etc.
c.  Contractor will support the specific Category Manager promotions along with the Client’s Brand and Communications team with guidance from the Client’s Contract Holder.
2.2  Performance and Waste Tracking
a. Contractor will provide as requested category performance tracking on a monthly basis to the Client’s contract Holder and Owner. Direction of what is to be included in the monthly report to be provided by the Category Manager and Contract holder.
b. Contractor will support as directed the management of tracking tools and procedures for retailers to use for waste management.

3. Support for Account Management
3.1  Contractor shall provide the Client’s specific Category Manager with reports listed in the table below in accordance with the time frames identified below. Contractor and the Client agree that this list of reports may be amended from time to time during the term by mutual agreement of the parties.
Report Frequency Description Unit Sales Monthly
• Total unit and value sales of category specific products at RBA locations with comparison over same period in previous year specific to category planograms.
• Tracking of new product listings vs. initial monthly sales estimates
• Sales & volume data will be provided as required to allow for the analysis & management of the specific category portfolio
Financial Summary Monthly
• Financial summary of category performance has requested in support of the Category Managers
3.2  Contractor will assist the Client’s Category Manager with SKU rationalization and sharing information to understand consumer trends
3.3  Both parties will conduct a detailed performance review at a minimum once per quarter. Agenda may include all or any part of this agreement and will be agreed upon by both parties and will include Contract management and performance against established performance milestones
3.4  Contractor will respond to the Category Manager’s concerns within one (1) business day from receipt of written or verbal communications by the Client to the Contractor
3.5  Issues and non-conformances related to Supplier’s and/or the Client’s performance will be followed up by the respective representative identified below

4. Back Up Support for the following CR functions:
4.1  PMM / MRD Product Master File Management
• Forms processing – NPLF, MRF, De-Listings, Cost & Price Change
4.2  Accounts Receivable & Payable
• Management of processing vendor invoices
• Management of processing invoices for Services and Equipment related to CR business
• Management of the Reporting and Communication to key stakeholders

Required Skills

  • High School Diploma or equivalency (e.g. GED) supplemented by a minimum of 5 years of retail experience.
  • Intermediate to advanced level of proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/Outlook) is required. Intermediate typing and data entry skills are required.
  • Strong background in querying numbers in master lists and manipulating very large databases in Excel / Access
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to work autonomously are essential. 
  • A proven ability to work efficiently with a high volume environment while maintaining a high degree of accuracy is also essential.
  • Experience with PMM and Business Objects computer software will be considered an asset.
  • Strong communication skills, excellent email etiquette and a professional attitude are a must.
  • Candidate must possess good time management and prioritization skills.
  • Advanced understanding of technical computer skills are an asset.
  • Good attention to detail is critical when dealing with the sheer volume of UPC codes
  • Exposure to or hands on experience with managing large data bases
  • Able to work well within team and cross functional teams
  • Familiarity with Retail CR business line
  • Aptitude for technical concepts and processes
  • Extremely organized through work processes
  • Logical, structured thought processes
  • Meticulous in detail
  • Effective under periods of pressure, with changing priorities and demands
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Previous testing and troubleshooting experience
We thank all applicants for their interest in The AIM Group; however, only those considered for an interview will be contacted.  All other resumes will be retained for future consideration

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Expiry Date

Sunday, October 22, 2017

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