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Recruitment Agency Ottawa


Our client base is unique and diverse. Five divisions within our head office in Ottawa: Information Management / Information Technology, Professional ServicesEngineering and TechnicalHR Capital Management, Oil & Gas, Executive Recruitment and Administrative and Clerical Services – allow us to provide five different kinds of staffing services and an intimate knowledge of the particularities and challenges of each division.

Since 1997, AIM has consistently attained ISO certification. This ongoing commitment to quality is present in all aspects of our services, from initial recruitment through to contract completion and every step in between. As a result of our commitment to excellence, our clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Rapid responses to requests;
  • Cost-effective solutions;
  • Professionals committed to seeing assignments through to completion;
  • A broad range of administrative support capabilities;
  • Flexibility and innovative solutions; and
  • Continuity of Service that financial strength and management stability provide.

AIM constantly endeavours to complement our expert people skills with cutting-edge technological advances and standards. As part of this ongoing commitment, we have invested in the in-house development of our CAS system, a proprietary, web-based software package that combines database, recruitment, management, and accounting functions and remotely connects AIM’s Accounting Department with distributed environments.